The IHR is delighted to able to announce the appointment of this academic year’s Fellows, Prizes and Awards.  

This includes the appointment of 18 new fellows, 12 Prize winners and of course the 22 recipients of the Scouloudi Research and Publication Awards.

"The research being undertaken is both fascinating and incredibly important and as Acting Director I would like to offer my congratulations to each and every recipient and thanks too to the generous supporters of these awards" - Philip Murphy.

IHR Fellows awarded for 2021/22

IHR Doctoral Fellows

Two categories of IHR doctoral fellowship are available each year:

  • The Royal Historical Society funds up to two fellowships per year, the Centenary Fellowship and the Marshall Fellowship, the latter thanks to the generosity of Professor P. J. Marshall, former President of the RHS. Both are open to candidates without regard to nationality or academic affiliation
  • The Scouloudi Foundation offers the equivalent of up to four half-year fellowships, which are all open to UK citizens or to candidates with a degree from a British university

Dan Armstrong (University of St Andrews)
Anglo-Papal Relations, c.1066-c.1135 
RHS Centenary Fellow

Jane MacRae Campbell (University of York)
Imagining Empire: An ancient and feudal New World, 1617-1720 
Scouloudi Fellow

Humaira Chowdhury (University of Cambridge)
Hanging By A Thread: A social and economic history of Muslim tailors (Darzis) in Calcutta, 1947-1967 
RHS Marshall Fellow

Sonali Dhanpal (Newcastle University)
Contested Bangalore: Caste, colonial and princely politics 
RHS Marshall Fellow

Jack Ford (University College London)
Perception and Affectivity in Twelfth-Century Cistercian and Victorine De anima Texts 
Thornley Fellow

Gillian Lamb (University of Oxford)
‘Saving the children’ and ‘creating new citizens’? The impact of nineteenth-century welfare on working-class children’s lives in Britain and the Anglo-World. 
Scouloudi Fellow

Jonathan Powell (King's College London)
Scarce Expressible in English: Theatre and the Common Law, c. 1597-1626 
Thornley Fellow

Tania Shew (University of Manchester)
‘Fraternising with the enemy’: analysing sex strikes and birth strikes as tactics in the women’s suffrage movements of Britain and America, 1890-1920 
Scouloudi Fellow

Petros Spanou (University of Oxford)
The Crimean Moment and Crucible: Just War, Principles of Peace, and Debates in Victorian Wartime Thought and Culture, 1854-1856 
RHS Centenary Fellow

Economic History Society Fellows

The Economic History Society, in conjunction with the Institute of Historical Research, offers up to four one-year postdoctoral fellowships in economic and / or social history. EHS fellowships are tenable at the Institute.

Stephanie Brown
Identity and the Prosecution Of Interpersonal Violence in Late Medieval Yorkshire, 1340-1385

Laura Channing    
Colonial taxation and taxpayers in Sierra Leone, c. 1890s-1937

Purba Hossain        
Situating the ‘Coolie Question’: Indentured Labour and Post-Slavery Debates in Mid-Nineteenth Century Calcutta

Alka Raman        
Learning from the muse: Indian cotton textiles and British industrialisation

Jewish History Fellow

With thanks to the generous benefactions from the Wolfson Family Charitable Trust, and from the Dorset Foundation in memory of Harry M Weinrebe, the IHR is appoints one post-doctoral fellow in Jewish History in any part of the world at any period. 

Željka Oparnica
Defying the New International Order: The Jewish politics in the Adriatic 1918–1943

Past & Present Fellows

Past & Present Fellowships are offered by the Past & Present Society and the Institute of Historical Research, who have a broad interest in processes of social, economic, political and cultural change, as manifested in their particular field of study. 

Tamara Fernando
Molluscs and Men: A Labour and Environmental History of Natural Pearling in the Indian Ocean 1850-1925

Felice Physioc
Domestic Production and Agricultural Technology in an Indigenous Pueblo North of Potosí, 1540-1700

Alexis Rider
Disposable Deep Time: Polar Plastics and the Postwar Environment

Pearsall Fellow

The Pearsall Fellowship is a one-year post-doctoral fellowship in naval and maritime history.

Ignacio García de Paso
‘Waves of revolution’: The 1848 Revolutions in Maritime Perspective

Prizes and bursaries

Sir John Neale Prize in Tudor History

Eloise Davies
Reformed but Not Converted: Paolo Sarpi, the English mission in Venice and conceptions of religious change

Curriers’ London History Prize

The Worshipful Company of Curriers, one of the livery companies of the City of London, has established an essay prize on the history of London, in association with The London Journal Trust and the Institute of Historical Research.

David Mason
London Chronicles and the Civic Sense of the Past, circa 1430-1516

Richard III Society and Yorkist History Trust Bursary

The Richard III Society Bursary is awarded for a dissertation or thesis on a topic within the 15th and/ or early 16th century that is of relevance to the research interests of the Richard III Society.

Richard Asquith
Piety and Trust: testators and executors in pre-Reformation London

The Sir Julian Corbett Prize in Modern Naval History

The Sir Julian Corbett Prize is awarded annually by the Academic Trust Funds Committee, on the recommendation of the Institute of Historical Research, to reward original research in the field of modern naval history.

Sara Caputo
Foreign Seamen and the British Navy, 1793-1815

Louis Halewood
Peace throughout the Oceans and Seas of the World’: British maritime strategic thought and world order, 1892-1919

Pollard Prize

The Pollard Prize is awarded annually for the best paper presented at an Institute of Historical Research seminar by a postgraduate student or by a researcher within one year of completing the PhD. The prize is supported by Oxford University Press.

Dr Merve Fejzula (University of Missouri)
Toward a History of Intellectual Labor: gender, negritude, and the Black public sphere, given at the
IHR Political Ideas Seminar

Lucy Clarke (University of Oxford)
“I say I must for I am the King’s shrieve”: magistrates invoking the monarch’s name in 1 Henry VI (1592) and The Downfall of Robert Earl of Huntingdon (1598)
IHR Tudor & Stuart History Seminar

Olivette Otele Prize

The Olivette Otele Prize will be awarded annually for the best paper submitted to the History Lab Postgraduate Research Seminar by a Black PhD research student based in the UK.

Sue Lemos (University of Warwick)
Queering Black Politics:The Black Lesbian and Gay Centre (Project) in London, 1980s-1990s.
Sue’s paper on Queering Black Politics centres the agency and voices of queer Black people, creating important new sources through Oral History interviews.

Samuel Nwokoro (University of Edinburgh)
Sam’s paper explores Religious Minorities in Early Islamic Syria, using contextual inquiry to interrogate the veneer of generalized modes of identification, to better understand historical interreligious encounters.
Yasmin Dualeh (University of Cambridge) 
Yasmin’s paper makes important interventions in our understanding of contemporary US foreign policy and liberalism through an exploration of interwar Arab American Print Culture and the creation of the ‘Syrian World’.
Femi Owolade (KCL)
Femi makes a case for the adoption of legal methodologies in the study of the colonial history of Africa, following British abolition of the legal status of slavery in Northern Nigeria.
Sebastian James Rose (University of Greenwich)
Sebastian applies a critical lens to histories of the construction and maintenance of the Indo-European Telegraph Department, exposing the under-explored significance of racialised labour.

Scouloudi Research Awards

The purpose of a Scouloudi research award is to pay for research, and other expenses, to be incurred in the completion of advanced historical work, which the applicant intends subsequently to publish.

Piers Baker-Bates 
Between Rome and Spain: Roman Material Culture in a Spanish Imperial World 1516-1621

Pinar Ceylan         
Inequality in Inequality: Rural Income Distribution and Social Stratification in Ottoman Anatolia, the Balkans and the Levant, late-15th to late-16th centuries 

Aidan Collins         
Bankruptcy, Failure, and the Court of Chancery, 1674-1750 

Jonathan Colman         
The Diplomatic Career of Sir Frank Kenyon Roberts, 1930-1968

James Charles Fitzgerald-Lombard         
English and Welsh Priests Vol 4 (1915-2000)

Tim Fulford         
The Collected Letters of Thomas Beddoes 

Jeremy Haslam     
My page on the site - at and  Online with the Archaeological Data Service. 

Cailah Jackson         
Illuminated and illustrated manuscripts of western Persia, c. 1350–c. 1410 

Mark Lawrence         
Cristeros and Carlists: a Comparative Study of Mexican and Spanish Traditionalism 

Thomas Leahy         
Memory beyond borders: dealing with Troubles legacy in the Republic of Ireland since 1969

Stephen Rigby         
Historians on the Medieval Robin Hood 

Gabrielle Storey         
Co-Rulership and Competition: Queens and Power in Angevin England and France, 1120-1246

Scouloudi Publication Awards

The purpose of a Scouloudi publication award is to subsidise a portion of the cost of publishing a scholarly book or article, or an issue of a learned journal in the field of history, either in hard copy or through electronic publication.

Jason Bate         
The Camera as Caregiver: Photography, Facial Injuries, and Domestic Recovery After the Great War 

Matthew Bazley         
An Edition of Accounts of the Manor of Bickley, Cheshire, 1395 – 1465 

Carol Beardmore         
Navigating the Nineteenth Century Institution: Workhouse and Asylum 

Elizabeth Benjamin         
'Existential Comics': bande dessinée and the Art of Ethics 

Jacob Bloomfield         
Drag. A British History 

Lucinda Dean         
Death and the Royal Succession in Scotland, c. 1214 – c. 1543: Ritual, Ceremony and Power 

Jean Smith         
Settlers at the End of Empire: Race and the Politics of Migration in South Africa, Rhodesia and the United Kingdom, 1939-1994 

Emily Ward         
Royal Childhood and Child Kingship: Boy Kings in England, Scotland, France and Germany, c.1050-1262 

Theo Williams         
Making the Revolution Global: Black Radicalism and the British Socialist Movement before Decolonisation 

Philip Williamson         
National Prayers: Special Worship since the Reformation; volume 3: Worship for National and Royal Occasions in the United Kingdom 1871–2016