About the IHR Wohl Library

Historical research and writing are supported by our Wohl Library, one of the world's greatest open-shelf collections of primary works, reference materials, bibliographical and archival guides. Spread over five floors, our refurbished reading rooms provide an excellent place to undertake research, supported by a team of expert librarians. 

New Books: Yves Person, un historien de l'Afrique engagé dans son temps

New Books: Remembering the medieval present : generative uses of England's Pre-Conquest past, 10th to 15th centuries

New Books: The horrors of slavery and other writing by Robert Wedderburn

New Books: The afterlife of Anne Boleyn: representations of Anne Boleyn in fiction and on the screen

New Books: The Brutish Museums: the Benin Bronzes, colonial violence and cultural restitution

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